Thursday, July 7, 2011

Picasso Exhibition Produces Nearly $29 Million Impact on Virginia

The recent art exhibition of world renowned artist Pablo Piacasso, held in the Virginia Fine Arts Museum, not only drew over 230,000 visitors to Richmond, but left the city with a better return in economic activity than what was expected. According to The Richmond Times Dispatch, the exhibition, lasting from February to May, resulted in a $26.6 million economic impact to the Richmond region - $1.6 million more than the predicted amount. "You're talking about a $5 million exhibition for which we had zero funding on the day we said yes," says museum director Alex Nyerges.

The exhibition delivered "a highly successful return on what was a 'risky' venture for the museum, agreeing in early 2010 to become one of the only 3 museums nationwide to host the exhibit," explains Nyerges.

For more information on the exhibition and impact on the Richmond area, please click here.